NUT – an Egyptian goddess who swallows the sun at dusk and then gives birth to it at dawn – are a post/alternative/progressive band formed in November, 2009.

After more than two years of live shows all around Italy and the UK to promote their first EP “HAPAX” (free-download available on, in September 2011 their first full-lenght record “Gravità Inverse” (Sinusite Records e POGOSELVAGGIO! Records), produced and mixed by Giulio “Ragno” Favero (One Dimensional Man, ZU, Il Teatro degli Orrori), recorded at the SAM Studio in Lari (Pisa) and ripped by Giovanni Versari at Nautilus Mastering in Milan, was released.

Two great musicians from the Italian underground scene, Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta, Il Teatro degli Orrori) and Marina Mulopulos (Almamegretta, Malfunk, Tilak) are featured in “Gravità Inverse”.

After 7 months on tour across Italy and Germany to promote “Gravità Inverse”, the bass-player, Mister P., decides to leave the band, which caused the promotional tour to end.

After a period of silence, NUT came back as a duo for the first time as they rearranged and recorded the song “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” to be included into a Pink Floyd tribute Album by Mag Music.

In October 2012 they started to compose their new album “Babylon”, which will be released in January 2014 for Blotch Records with Marco Gorini (Sam Studio) as producer.

Line Up

Matteo D’ignazi (drums / guitar / electronica / piano)
Matteo Sciocchetto (vocals / guitar / bass / piano)
Luca Federighi (guitar)
Giulio Lorenzini (bass)


Album III (2021)
Album II ( 2018)
Album I (2014)