Mr Bison

Mr Bison is a rock band born in 2009 in Cecina (Tuscany, Italy). They signed an EP titled “We don’t like love songs” in February 2011 while their debut full-lenght arrived in May 2012.

“We’ll be brief” (Dracma Records / Go Down Distro) is a powerful album who takes inspiration from stoner rock, it’s composed by vigorous riffs, solid rhythmics and a bold mix of two voices different from each other.

They write and play music with no frills keeping in mind the pounding intention to do a show that doesn’t give you respite.



Line Up

Matteo Barsacchi (guitar / vocals)
Matteo Sciocchetto (guitar / vocals)
Matteo D’Ignazi (drums)


Album III (2021)
Album II ( 2018)
Album I (2014)